Smoothie-The Adult Baby Food

15 Jun

While I was trying out the Baby Food Diet, recently  made popular by Lady Gaga and other celebrities, I decided to look at the ingredients. What I found was, well, simple. The ingredients were pretty much just whatever food was featured and water. For example, I looked at a jar of the banana baby food  and even that was made out of pureed bananas.

So that got me thinking, aren’t smoothies essentially the same thing? A typical smoothie is essentially just  some fruit, fruit concentrates, ice, and water pureed in a blender. You can add other ingredients or subtract ingredients if need be. Therefore, in my opinion, instead of paying added money (an average of $.58 per jar) to buy ounces of baby food packed into little glass jars, why can’t we just buy our own healthy ingredients and make our own “adult baby food,” aka. smoothies?

The benefits of drinking smoothies over eating baby food are many. The first benefit is that you can make whatever combination you want. Also you can add healthy supplements such as protein powder, Splenda or turbinado for sweetness, caffeine powder, and more. Keep in mind that these will alter the taste of your smoothie and so you might need to experiment a little with the mixtures.

There is an article on that lists healthy smoothie recipes that are both yummy and good for you. They are also low in calories.

If you do not have time to make your own refreshing smoothies, you can visit smoothie shops in your area. One such smoothie place is called Smoothie King. It has many different smoothie flavors to choose from and also offers other healthy snacks and food options.


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