Fad Workout Conclusion

29 Jun

I have also come to the end of my fad diet workout experience. It has been an interesting journey and I have learned a lot from my experience. For my last workout that I am going to try, I have decided to listen to fitness experts and professionals and try to find a workout that fits into my lifestyle and not push for a quick fix.

The workout that I have decided to try is to find a gym in the area and play pick-up team sports such as soccer and others. I signed up for a three month membership at Athens Health Club in Eldersburg, Md. It is a small gym but it has all the necessary equipment for a full body workout as well as group exercises classes, free workout advice, tanning, locker rooms, and more. I am going to run on their treadmills, do sit-ups, an upper body workout, lower body workout and whatever else catching my attention.

After my first day, I was pretty sore but it was something I could handle because I am going at my own pace. I know it will take some time but I realize that if I can make this a part of my lifestyle then the results will be long-lasting and easier to maintain.

I chose to workout at a gym because I like being surrounded  and motivated by others with the same goal. According to this article on novanewsnow.com, these women feel the same about their Curves gym and are willing to fight to keep it open.

I am also going to incorporate the fad workouts I tried into my exercise routine but I will not depend on only one. I like variety and the chance to change what I am doing to prevent from getting burned out.

Through my experience, I learned a lot about exercising and I made a website that cuts through all the craziness of fad workouts and gives simple tips to help you find your own way to a practical, healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and I wish you luck on your exercise journey.


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